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This community was created to become a networking tool and support group for atheists, agnostics, and others belonging to oppressed religious affiliations (ie. wiccans)--specifically in the state of Texas (USA) or other nearby states in the south. This is a place to rant about the discrimination and ostrasizing you face on a daily basis. This is a place to share your success at educating others about who you are and that atheists/agnostics/etc. aren't immoral or evil. This is a place to find open-minded, accepting people in your area and as a tool to form new friendships. And, this is a place to discuss philosophy or debate anything related to religion and one's freedom to be free of it if they so chose. Don't worry about being politically correct or being completely on-topic; it's perfectly fine to rant about political issues that are semi-related to religion (i.e. GLBT rights, abortion, feminism, science education, etc.).

This community, however, is not a place for personal attacks on members or evangelism. Those who are undecided about religion or have choosen a religion (so not necessarily an atheist or agnostic) are welcome to join as long as they do so with the intention to learn about atheists, agnostics, and other oppressed religious affiliations. Anyone who joins this community to "sell" their religion or spread hate will be banned...and sacked if we can find out where you live. ;P If you are asked about your religion, feel free to answer those questions, but any posts promoting a religion or bashing atheism/agnostism will be deleted.

Summary of the rules:
*Open to Atheists, Agnostics, and anyone wishing to learn about them.
*Specific to Texas, but those from neighboring states are welcome.
*No personal attacks (trolling, etc.) or evangelism. We hear it all the time IRL, so save your breath.
*Pro-Ranting Zone, don't worry about being "politically correct" and feel free to gripe about religion all you want.
*Posts that are semi-related to religion/politics are welcome. (ie. GLBT rights, abortion, science education, etc.)
*No spam, pimping other communities without permission, etc. (If in doubt, leave a message here.)

Calling all graphic artists, we need banners! Credit will be given.

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