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science, religion

parathalyn in tx_atheists

The State of Atheists on the Anniversary of 9-11

A News Week article to be published in this week's issue (the September 11th issue). It discusses the rise in religin after 9-11 and how various famous atheists have reacted to it. The author seems to be a bit of an arse when talking about Dawkin and misses a lot of the points Dawkins makes. It seems to start out well, but be warned that it ends fairly anti-atheist.

I'm curious what others think about this article. Does it seem to anyone else that the first and last pages were written by different authors? Does the end of the article seem to be proof of how people discriminate atheists? What do you think about the timing of the article?


It does end out a bit anti-atheist to me as well, but he covered both sides, I suppose. Many of Dawkin's points are very well executed, though. I think I like that yogurt idea... =P

I, however, can see the transition from "good guy atheist" to "bad guy atheist".

Speaking of that article title (Being an Atheist in America Isn't Easy..), though, I found another one that says that most American atheists fear for their lives. While I've never feared for my life (even here in Texas), I can see how some people would get out of control. I don't yell out that I'm an atheist, but I don't mind telling people if the topic comes up, either.
I'm not really comfortable telling people I'm an atheist, myself. When I first moved here, I was open about it when it cae up, but I had a lot of negative reactions from people. So, I'm a bit tight-lipped. I do worry that if people in my grad program found out that they would try to run me out of the program or something. The head of the program is really involved in christian groups including a mentoring program on campus.
...they would try to run me out of the program...

I wish we could be silly for thinking something like that, what with Christianity being an accepting religion, but it's just not that way. I've come across...three Christians who just don't care and don't try to convert/save me.
Same here, there are only a couple nice christians that I've met since I moved to Texas. I knew a number when I lived in Michigan. We still had the crazy christians, but they weren't the majority that they are here.