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parathalyn in tx_atheists

Openly Atheist

Out of curiosity, how open is everyone about being an Atheist? Are you out to your relatives? Neighbors? Friends in TX? At work?



I always laugh when people find out that I too am an atheist. It's usually accompanied with sorrow filled look and a mouthing of "oh really?" Hahahaaaa... the truly funny part is how they cannot seem to understand why my "lack" of religion has not been brought up in casual conversation or why I never left the room when they were discussing their religious beliefs. I usually ask them if they leave when parents talk to their kids about the easter bunny or santa clause. This for the most part conveys my stance and they stop feeling "sorry" for me. Some, however, never seem to understand. My parents and sister belong to the latter and disturbingly seem ashamed about the whole matter. It really just isn't that big of a deal to us as you all probably know, and doesn't deserve that much of my daily sweat!