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parathalyn in tx_atheists

Openly Atheist

Out of curiosity, how open is everyone about being an Atheist? Are you out to your relatives? Neighbors? Friends in TX? At work?


No problem on the late reply. I don't see why any post should be closed for discussion.

My husband and I don't celebrate holidays much (secular or religious). We mostly use the opportunity to relax. I tell people "Happy Holidays" and seek out those who celebrate the minority winter holidays (Solstice, etc.). I sending out Holiday cards this year and bought presents for young cousins and best friends...but I like giving people presents and I don't call them x-mas gifts.

Wow, I couldn't even imagine telling my students (when I was teaching) about my religious stance. Part of that might be because I taught Biology and a lot of the students are uber-religious here. What grade/age do you teach? Do you have to deal with parent reactions?