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A Call for Names

I'd like to put together a list of confirmed, famous Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics (current & historical). For confirmation, I'm going with a direct quote stating such or stating opposition to religion. Does anyone know of any great websites to visit on this topic or can list off some for me? If you know which they are (Atheist, Agnostic, etc.), please note that too. Thanks everyone!

Here's what I have so far:

Allen, Woody (Atheist, actor, comedian)
Buffet, Warren (Agnostic, investor)
Carlin, George (Atheist, comedian, writer)
Clarke, Sir Arthur C. (scientist, writer)
Dawkins, Richard (Atheist, biologist, writer)
Difranco, Ani (Atheist, feminist, singer, open bisexual)
Eco, Umberto (Agnostic, semiotician, medivalist, writer)
Griffin, Kathy (Atheist, comedian)
Harris, Sam (Atheist, neuroscientist, writer)
Hitchens, Christopher (Atheist, writer)
Jenkins, Stephan (Atheist, musician, Third Eye Blind)
Jillette, Penn (Atheist, magician)
Johnson, Ellen (American Atheists)
Jolie, Angelina (not confirmed)
Kwaśniewski, Aleksander (Atheist, former president of Poland)
Lagos, Ricardo (Agnostic, president of Chile)
Miller, Jonathan (Atheist, director, physician)
Reagan, Ron (Atheist, journalist, Creative Coalition, son of Ronald Reagan)
Rooney, Andy (Atheist/Agnostic)
Rove, Karl (reported Agnostic)
Smoker, Barbara (Humanist?, writer)
Stone, Matt (Atheist/Agnostic, creator of South Park)
Sweeney, Julia (Atheist, actress, comedian)
Teller (Atheist, magican)
Toynbee, Polly (Atheist, columnist in The Guardian)
Tyson, Neil deGrasse
Vonnegut, Kurt (Atheist, writer)
Watson, James D. (Atheist, genetist)
Weinberg, Steven (Atheist, physicist)
Whedon, Joss (Atheist, director)

Adams, Douglas ("radical" Atheist, writer)
Adorno, Theodor (not confirmed)
Armstrong, Lance (Atheist, cyclist)
Asimov, Isaac (Atheist, science fiction writer)
Camus, Albert (Atheist, absurdist philosopher, writer)
Crick, Francis (Atheist/Agnostic, genetist)
Darwin, Charles (Agnostic, biologist, writer, theory of evolution by natural selection)
Durkheim, Émile (Agnostic, sociologist)
Einstein, ALbert (not confirmed)
Feynman, Richard (Atheist, physicist)
Goldman, Emma (writer on Atheism)
Huxley, Thomas Henry (Agnostic)
Ingersoll, Robert (Agnostic, poltician)
Marx, Karl (philosopher, writer)
Mitchell, Peter D. (Atheist, biochemist, mother was Atheist)
Nietzsche, Friedrich (philosopher, writer)
O'Hair, Madalyn Murray (founder of American Atheists)
Protagoras (Agnostic/Humanist, Greek philosopher)
Roddenberry, Gene (Atheist, science fiction writer)
Russell, Bertrand (Atheist/Agnostic, mathematician, philosopher)
Sagan, Carl (Atheist/Agnostic)
Sartre, Jean-Paul (Atheist, philosopher, writer)
Shelley, Percy Bysshe (Atheist, poet)
Templeton, Charles (Atheist/Agnostic, writer)
Twain, Mark (Agnostic, writer)

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Resources being used to make this list:
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