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parathalyn in tx_atheists

Openly Atheist

Out of curiosity, how open is everyone about being an Atheist? Are you out to your relatives? Neighbors? Friends in TX? At work?


It took me years to finally tell my parents but I had no problem telling those around me. Then again, I don't really have close friends that I worry about offending. I live in a very small, very christian town so it's not always recieved very well. Once in Mock Trial class I told my classmate who was skeptical about the existence of unicorns that it was dumb that she could believe in Jesus and not unicorns. That didn't go over well. I find that if I don't go around bashing christians or criticizing my parents for going to church no one really cares. You reach an age where you realize that your parents can't punish you any more and whatever they do isn't the end of the world. I just don't care what people think about me. I'm moving to New York for college soon anyways, so whatever.