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parathalyn in tx_atheists

Openly Atheist

Out of curiosity, how open is everyone about being an Atheist? Are you out to your relatives? Neighbors? Friends in TX? At work?


I'm fairly open. My parents realize I don't go to church and I think that's all they really -need- to know as they aren't really religious either. My friends all know I'm an atheist be they Christian or not. :) My sister is an atheist in that she hasn't quite found herself -- unless you consider Asatru pagan "atheism". It's an odd mix of us being metalheads, though, I think. XP
I'm not open about it, except at AASG and with close friends.

This is parially because my parents would disown me if they found out, and i'm paranoid that they'll find out somehow =/
That's about how I am. A few friends and with other Atheists. I've told my mother and sister that I'm "not religious", but that was enough to fuel several years of fights with my mother. She pretty much ignores it now and asks like I'm a christian. My father could care less (I think my mother is the only reason he ever went to church when I was young).

I'm more worried about someone at school or at work finding out and using it against me in some way. I could seriously see someone getting fired over being an Atheist on this campus & in this town. Heck, I recently witnessed a postdoc fired for having a medical condition and being married with kids.


I always laugh when people find out that I too am an atheist. It's usually accompanied with sorrow filled look and a mouthing of "oh really?" Hahahaaaa... the truly funny part is how they cannot seem to understand why my "lack" of religion has not been brought up in casual conversation or why I never left the room when they were discussing their religious beliefs. I usually ask them if they leave when parents talk to their kids about the easter bunny or santa clause. This for the most part conveys my stance and they stop feeling "sorry" for me. Some, however, never seem to understand. My parents and sister belong to the latter and disturbingly seem ashamed about the whole matter. It really just isn't that big of a deal to us as you all probably know, and doesn't deserve that much of my daily sweat!
The only people that I've told are a handful of close friends. I don't tell people because they would probably not let me attend my school anymore (I go to a small Catholic school.. joy), and the small amount of people who do know are constantly trying to convert me, and I can't imagine that if everyone knew. Along with the amount of criticism I get from the people who do know. I live in a very religious (and by religious, Christian) area and not believing in a god around here is one of the worst things you can do.
It took me years to finally tell my parents but I had no problem telling those around me. Then again, I don't really have close friends that I worry about offending. I live in a very small, very christian town so it's not always recieved very well. Once in Mock Trial class I told my classmate who was skeptical about the existence of unicorns that it was dumb that she could believe in Jesus and not unicorns. That didn't go over well. I find that if I don't go around bashing christians or criticizing my parents for going to church no one really cares. You reach an age where you realize that your parents can't punish you any more and whatever they do isn't the end of the world. I just don't care what people think about me. I'm moving to New York for college soon anyways, so whatever.
I'm very open about it.
No problem on the late reply. I don't see why any post should be closed for discussion.

My husband and I don't celebrate holidays much (secular or religious). We mostly use the opportunity to relax. I tell people "Happy Holidays" and seek out those who celebrate the minority winter holidays (Solstice, etc.). I sending out Holiday cards this year and bought presents for young cousins and best friends...but I like giving people presents and I don't call them x-mas gifts.

Wow, I couldn't even imagine telling my students (when I was teaching) about my religious stance. Part of that might be because I taught Biology and a lot of the students are uber-religious here. What grade/age do you teach? Do you have to deal with parent reactions?
I am open to everyone, I don't stress confrontation because I know more about the Bible and Religion than any person I know. So usually they don't bother trying to even talk to me about it.