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meekkat in tx_atheists


Has anyone heard any news about the activity of UTSA's Atheist Agenda? I remember some time ago they had a "Smut for Smut" campaign and that it was very controversial... Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what they did on that occasion. Anyone know about this?


I think the Smut for Smut campaign was a public education event where they talked about all the "smut" in the bible that people conveniently forget (selling kids into slavery, rape, murder, etc.). They were exchanging bibles for porn and other things. The message was that the bible is just as bad as these other things, so why not get "smut" that is more productive.

At least, that's if I'm remembering correctly...and I have a bad memory (worse than Libby's). LOL
Ah yeah, that sounds familiar. So, were they handing out porn, or asking for porn in return for Bibles? I can't really remember the details.
I'm pretty sure that they were collecting bibles and giving porn and other things to people in exchange. That project was awhile back, so I don't remember everything they were handing out, but it was more than just porn.
I know this was posted last year but they are still active. They stil hand out Smut for smut, A rep also spoke at the Sep of Church and state rally in Austin last year.